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Disappointing Finish To Battle At The Brickyard

After two great heat races where Kamden placed 2nd in both the Jr. Animal and Jr. Honda, the weekend looked to be headed towards remarkable finishes. The Honda car was slated into the 6th spot in the "B" Main while the Animal was able to be transferred straight to Sunday's coveted "A" Main with a 2nd place starting spot.

On Saturday in the Jr. Honda "B", Kamden got off to a rough start and was forced to the rear of the field. The race went green to checkerd with no cautions. This proved to be too much for Kamden to overcome. Even with a great car, he was only able to move up to the 6th spot, two shy of the last transfer position.

In the Jr. Animal "A" on Sunday, Kamden had a great car in the warmup session and began his race in a tough position on the outside. While on the outside groove, he got into the loose "marbles" and the car drifted out of turn 4 taking him straight to the wall. The Kamden suffered a hard hit and overturned causing un-repairable damage to his race car.

This was a tough way to end our weekend but we were fortunate that Kamden walked away from his crash un-injured. Along with all that, Kamden once again got the opportunity to drive around the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway along with approximately 200 other quarter midgets.

The memories made at this track are ones that will stay with Kamden and the team forever. Special thanks to all his fans and supporters who followed us from both trackside and social media outlets throughout the entire weekend.

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