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Kamden Performs At Mac O Chee Mid-West Thunder Regional

On Sunday, May 20th, Kamden made his Sr. Animal debut in a Mid-West Thunder Regional race stacked with tons of talented drivers. After a not-so-good practice session in the morning, the crew made some good changed and prepped the car for the morning heat race where Kamden started P3. In the heat, Kamden got off to a hot start and maintained the lead for the majority of the race only to be passed with about 2-3 laps to go by a fast moving Chase Spicola. Not only did Kamden finish his heat in the 2nd spot, but by doing so, he was able to accumulate enough points to earn him a 6th place starting spot in the coveted Sr. Animal "A" Main.

With 23 total cars in the Sr. Animal class on Sunday, the team wanted to have a good showing and make improvements throughout the day as they knew they would be going up with national level talent. To make the "A" in our first regional was a great moment and confidence builder for Kamden and his team. This allowed the team to put the car in the trailer (see picture above) and watch the track conditions evolve before the features began

In the "A" Main, Kamden made his way up to 5th place and would eventually fall back to an 8th place finish. The 40 lap feature was by far the longest race Kamden has been in and it certainly took its toll on his endurance.

Great job, Kamden in making your first regional "A" Main in as many attempts. The team travels to Waterford, Michigan next weekend to run in race #2 of the Mid-West Thunder Regional Series.

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