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A Career Best at Mini Indy

Last weekend, Kamden and his Hibbitt Motorsports quarter midget team pulled into the Mini-Indy Speedway with some apprehension after some not-so-great finishes in the last two years at that track. Even with the lack of speed in the past, the talk throughout the trailer was that the weekend was going to be great and all that "bad luck" was in our past.

Well, the weekend didn't get off to a great start. In the Light 160 Heat Race, Kamden had a minor engine problem causing oil to be thrown all over the rear of the car, including the right rear tire (and fellow competitor Zach....sorry buddy), making it difficult to move forward. This finish sent us to the "C" Main where he would start 6th. Well, that's when Kamden started to shine. From there, Kamden drove his tail off, finishing 2nd in the "C" Main then 4th in the "B" Main after a crazy exciting finish for that 4th and final transfer spot. He had done it....Finally securing a spot in a Mini-Indy "A" Main, coming all the way from the "C" nonetheless.

This was a huge accomplishment considering the amount of talent that was on hand for the weekend. Not only that, but the Light 160 "A" Main was designated as the "Robbie Stanley Memorial Feature Race" in honor of former driver, Robbie Stanley. It was an honor to be part of that field as they were introduced to on the front stretch. In the "A" Main, Kamden was able to bring the car home in 8th place.

On Sunday, Kamden fired out of the gate quickly with a fast Sr. Animal car, finishing 3rd in the heat. This was a huge deal due to the large number of Sr. Animal cars in the class that day (25). Being able to avoid the "D" and "C" Mains, he started 6th in the "B" after the results of the heat races. In that lower main, he immediately moved to the front where he was eventually passed, finishing 2nd.

A second "A" Main in the same weekend at his statistically worst track??????? We'll take it.

In the Sr. Animal "A" Main, Kamden got out to a quick start driving through the back of the field and making his as high as 5th at one point before a caution slowed his forward push. On the restart, Kamden got passed by a few cars where he settled back in, finishing with a respectable 7th place finish.

We couldn't have been more proud of how he overcame his uncertainty at that specific track. Bringing home two cars not needing major repairs and two top ten finishes from this track was a huge confidence boost going into the last half of the outdoor season. Special thanks to John Nervo and NC Chassis Co. for all their help throughout the weekend.

HMS looks forward to a few weeks off before traveling to Kalamazoo, MI on July 27-28. We might just have a surprise in store for that weekend never know. Stay tuned for that.

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