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Kamden & HMS Ends 2018 On High Note

Yesterday, Kamden finished up his 2018 racing year with an incredible showing at the second race of the six race Buckeye Indoor Winternational Series held at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. After finishing exciting heat races 4th in Sr. Animal and 1st in Light 160, Kamden transferred both cars straight to the respective classes A-Mains where he secured P5 starting spots in each.

In the Sr. Animal Feature, Kamden's Sr. Animal race car was bad fast. He quickly began moving toward the front of the pack, reeling in the leaders. After swapping spots with several drivers, Kamden settled into 3rd position for the remainder of the race. It appeared as if the car and our driver had some more spots to earn but the laps ran short and he ended up with his first podium finish of the 2018/19 indoor season.

Then came the Light 160 Feature that started at about 11:30pm. After taking a mid-evening nap, a well-rested Kamden got off to a pretty good start but unfortunately got tangled up with a few cars, sending him to the the back of the field. He slowly began to work his way back up when once again, got tied up with another car after a mental error on Kamden's behalf. Although, he was involved in two on-track incidents, Kamden still managed to work his way forward and was fortunate to wind up with a 5th place finish.

Overall, a fantastic day at the track concluded with a 3rd and 5th place finish in two classes where the talent level is sky-high.

HMS could not be more proud of how Kamden and the team have progressed throughout the entire year of 2018. Now the team will regroup during a six week break before returning to the Buckeye Indoor Winternationals on January 12, 2019. Stay tuned throughout the holiday season as we have and exciting debut coming up.

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