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HMS Endures Highs and Lows in Lansing

HMS had a mixed bag of emotions during stop number 3 in the Mid-West Thunder Series in Lansing, MI.

After racing to the Jr. Honda "B" Main win in order to secure a spot in the coveted "A" Main, Kamden raced up to a third place finish, placing him on the podium for the 2nd straight week.

The Jr. Animal car proved to be more difficult to handle on Sunday. Kamden fought a terribly tight car in the Jr. Animal heat race and was forced out after spinning 3 separate times. This put him last in the "A" Main. The crew worked very hard, found the issues and prepared a very fast car for the feature. Kamden was systematically working his way through the field and was scratching at a top three finish when the car suffered a mechanical failure. This failure was unable to be fixed in the allotted three lap work rule and ultimately ended the day with our first DNF of the season.

The failure that took place was one that needed a near miracle to occur. An inspection of both cars revealed the same potential issue for the Jr. Honda car as well so both cars and their specific parts were swapped out, ensuring the issue is a non-factor in the future.

"This track was really fun to race on as long I had a car that drove well. When the car drove poorly, it was really difficult to pass. because the track was so small" said Kamden when asked about his first time at the Lansing, MI quarter midget track.

Congrats to fellow Buckeye Quarter Midget Racing Association drivers Brycen Blair and Austin Geer on their podium finishes throughout the weekend. And congrats to Collin Mitchell on his Jr. Honda and Jr. Animal win.

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